Vegas Meetup 5/30/2012

Thanks to everyone that attended! Below are links to just about everything we covered:

PhoneGap home page —
Christophe’s blog —    @ccoenraets — great tutorials on backbone.js, twitter boostrap, etc.
Greg’s blog —  @gregsramblings

Christophe’s github repo — — source to the employee dir app and much more

Last night’s hands-on assets —

The Census app and the doodle apps that Christophe showed is by Andy Trice (blog / @andytrice / github).  You can find the apps with source code and tons of other good info on his blog at  You will also find links to the apps in iTunes/Android market, etc.

Adobe’s new HTML landing page – changes often – has info on what Adobe is doing in HTML – you’ll be surprised — — be sure to check out CSS regions/exclusions/shaders.  We’ll do a meetup on these soon.

Appliness – digital magazine for your tablet (there is a banner at the top of my blog).  If you are a web developer, you will want to get this.  It’s a monthly magazine and it’s free.  Links, info, videos, etc. can be found at  It’s a magazine by developers for developers.  If you are interested in submitting an article, let me know.

The app we used for broadcasting our devices onto our Macbooks is — simply fantastic.  Get it fast before the author gets wise and triples the price!

Phraffle site — — article on how I enabled it to run offline —