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Google Data Center Video Compilation

In early 2015, only a few months after I joined Google, I got the extremely rare opportunity to visit a Google Data Center. The experience was incredible and it made me want to take everyone I know on a tour, but that’s obviously not possible. The odds of me actually getting to visit another data center is very very slim, so we will have to resort to video and pictures.

Recently, Stephanie Wong, a member of our Developer Advocacy team, was part of an amazing project to make a video about the multiple layers of security at a Google data center. It is outstanding and a must-watch! Her video inspired me to share this and other similar videos so you can see as much as possible of a Google data center.

Videos (in chronological order of publication)

June 2020 – Stephanie’s recent video on the multiple layers of security (blog post):

April 2019 – Joe Kava (VP of data centers) presentation at Google Cloud Next 2019:

May 2016 – A 360 video - you can look all around, up, down, etc.:

May 2016 – The data center mural project (mural project home page):

December 2014 – Inside a Google data center:

Learning more

You can learn a lot more at the Google Data Centers home page which includes these fantastic galleries:

Other Google Data Center resources

Fun history

Google’s first production server rack (you can see one of these in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA)

Googole's first production server rack

Google’s first product server rack (from