Google Cloud Storage Nearline in 30 seconds

March 11, 2015 | By

Today, we announced Google Cloud Storage Nearline.  The announcement and various docs have all of the details, but here’s the quick scoop:

  • It’s storage at $0.01/GB/Month! — so 1TB would be $10/month.
  • Data retrieval is $0.01/GB (plus normal egres charges)
  • Here’s the important part — Retrieval response time is only ~3 seconds (compared to 3 to 5 hours for AWS Glacier).  After first byte, it’s 4 MB/s of throughput per TB of data stored.
  • It uses the same command-line tools and APIs as the other Google Cloud Storage – it’s simply a new storage class.
  • It’s available today (in beta) (it’s time to move my 120,000+ images to this new storage class!)
  • Did you see the part about it being $0.01/GB/Month?!

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Greg is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in San Francisco, California
  • Goodness what a nickel will buy! Gets you a Coke in 1924 or 5GB / month of cloud storage today 🙂

  • David patterson

    3-5 hours Vs 3 Seconds ! Glacier must and will respond and will modify the cost and the restore time, I use Glacier via Zoolz and I find it very useful (my main purpose is archiving huge amounts of data) and Zoolz made it very easy. but this nearline is archiving with immediate access. let us see how this will work