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April 2, 2013 | By

adobeevangelistsblog-lgAs we approach Adobe MAX, it can become challenging to keep up with all of the Adobe news!  A couple of years ago, our team created something to help — (or RSS version) and now, we’ve improved it.

This blog is an aggregation of all of our blogs in chronological order.  When you click an individual article, you will go to the original source article  on the author’s blog.

You’ll also notice a combined Twitter feed that is from this Twitter list (member list)


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Greg is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in San Francisco, California
  • aubrey fletcher

    The seems like it is broken. It has not been updated since April 2nd.

    Also the visual design, makes it much harder to read and follow the evangelists specific to my trade.

    Maybe if you added back the headshot thumbnails for each Evangelist, I could scan it more quickly.

    This was my daily read url until the update. It would be great if I could read it again. 🙂

    • Hey Aubrey – the URL you are using should have redirected to – I just moved /superblog to the root.

      I do plan to add the pictures back shortly.



      • aubrey fletcher

        Cool, as long as it wasn’t forgotten. Do you plan to have the list of all evangelists available again as well?

  • Daniel Valdes appears to be missing did the page get deleted or moved. Please help tell me it got moved!

    • Hey Daniel – we are no longer maintaining that file. We didn’t realize anyone used it 🙂