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As developer evangelists, we often do giveaways of Creative Suite and other goodies at meetups, user group meetings, and other events.  Sometimes we use physical raffle tickets handed out at the door.  Other times there is a quiz to determine the winner, but recently while at a meeting of the Atlanta Web Design Group, I saw their organizer, J. Cornelius, do something interesting.  He called out some random numbers and had people raise their hand if their phone number contained that number.  He then quickly narrowed it down to a winner.

Last week, I tried a variation of this at a Tampa meetup with an audience of about 100 people and it worked really well.  Late  Friday night, I created Phraffle (phone + raffle = Phraffle!) —  It’s obviously a very simple and somewhat silly app, but it was fun to build.  It was also my first use of TypeKit (font used in the logo).  The spinning effect is based on a blog post I found by Saurabh Odhyan.  He basically pans an image across a div using JQuery.spritely.  Once the speed increases, the image is switched to a blurred version.   I loved the effect so I took his example and made some modifications until I had the right look and feel.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve this or if you have seen other interesting ways of handling raffles.  I might create a tiny app for phones/tablets for off-line use-cases.  It all depends on how bored I get next weekend. 😉


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Greg is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in San Francisco, California
  • Really cool idea… would be nice (but maybe a bit complex) to handle international phone number (see E.164

    • Yeah – I should make it detect the locale and adjust accordingly I suspect. Thx!

  • Way to go Greg! This is exactly how we should build our ideas. Most of the time we tend to be bothered by the fact that our ideas might no be used, worth doing or even not well thought. This is all wrong. I love how you where are able to see something useful, maintained the purpose and executed it right away. This actions are not easy and takes some skills. I love it! Good job! Francis Suarez