Adobe Flex app is the #1 news app in iTunes App store – Politifact

June 28, 2011 | By

Check out the screenshot below (click for larger view). The Politifact app is the #1 paid news app in the app store… and… it’s built with Flex using Flash Builder 4.5.1!  It’s also in the “New & Noteworthy” section.  There is also an Android version and there will be a BlackBerry PlayBook version soon.



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Greg is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in San Francisco, California
  • well see and give it a try and lets see if it is better then the older version

    • There is a new version submitted – should be approved by Apple this week. Has iPad compatibility and several navigational improvements.

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  • Will check it out on Android for sure!

  • I noticed that App Store reviewer Ecorob noted that the app crashes when a notification is dismissed and that reviewer bpsmx001 confirmed this happens in the 1.1.0 version of the app released on July 6. These can be seen at

    Is there anything you can say about this problem, Greg? Have you confirmed the bug? If so, is it an app-specific bug or a generic problem in Adobe’s environment?

    • Hey Phil – it’s app specific – we’re helping the politifact guys fix it. It needs to handle the deactivate event better.

      • Thanks Greg. That’s a very good response.

        Can you clarify just a bit more? Are you saying that the environment has hooks on how to handle the iOS-specific behavior and that the default behavior is sub-optimal? Do developers have to be cognizant of app-specific factors and deal with them appropriately? Is Adobe providing recommendations on how to configure those particular hooks for iOS?

        I downloaded a free Flex app, SimpleFitnessTImer. On that app, getting a notification stops the timer (which seems like the wrong action). It appears as if the default behavior is not correct and that developers must have iOS-specific code to do the right thing. Is that correct?

        • Hey Phil – good questions. The problems are specific to this app because we put a deactivation event on the stagewebview to clear the content when the user moves to another view. However, when a notification or text msg comes in, it also triggers the event (we didn’t think about that scenario)…and suddenly the user is back in the app with the data missing. Basically, we need to add an activation event that refreshes the page when you go back to it or more likely, we’ll remove the deactivation event logic. It’s literally a 3 line of code fix. The default behavior would have handled it fine… but our attempt to clear the stage view window when you leave the page created the bug.

          I’m not sure what the developer is doing in the SimpleFitness Timer but I bet it’s similar. By default, the deactivation event doesn’t stop the app from running. Keep in mind that on iOS, you can’t leave the app truly running. I don’t know the specifics (I’ll get someone that does to comment on this in a few days), but iOS won’t let an app do much while it’s in suspended state. This is not a Flex-specific issue… it’s an iOS design choice. Here is some additional information on the suspend state — — “Most applications that enter the background state are moved to the suspended state shortly thereafter. While in this state, the application does not execute any code and may be removed from memory at any time. Applications that provide specific services to the user can request background execution time in order to provide those services.”.

          So…the real questions is… does Flex support the ability to request background execution time? I’ll try to get us a good answer…but in general, every iOS app I have suspends when it goes into the background. iOS is extremely particular about letting background apps use any resources. About all you can do is monitor for notifications and other very low CPU stuff.

          I’ll get one of our iOS experts to chime in – it’s a very interesting topic..and probably leading to a new blog post 😉



          • Hi Phil,
            I can’t speak to the SimpleFitness issue, as I am not familiar with the application. However, as Greg mentioned, the notification triggered a deactivation event handler that was specific to this scenario within the Politifact application. This is a use case that was easily missed. I know the team is working on a fix, however one thing to keep in mind for the future is that notifications will change once Apple releases iOS 5, and this type of experience interruption will be going away.

            Andrew Trice

  • I need to create a service of php that performs a multiple insert table of related tables.
    Friendly assistance with structure.
    thank you

  • Does anyone have any issue running this on their Ipad?