Tour de Flex Samples now hosted in 16 locations across planet earth

September 30, 2010 | By

A few weeks ago, Tour de Flex passed the 20 million samples served milestone very quietly.  The quietness was not intentional…. we were just too busy to notice when it happened!  Traffic continues to be very strong and very spread out across the globe.  Starting a few minutes ago, all of the Tour de Flex samples are now hosted in 16 different locations around the world (see map below).  When you view a sample, it will load from the location that is closest to you.  If you are in China or Japan, you’ll really see a difference in load times.

I’ll be blogging in the next couple of days on how this was accomplished in less than two hours….so stay tuned.  It’s actually very cool!

For those of you that haven’t looked at Tour de Flex lately, you should take a fresh look.  We now have 551 Flex samples!  A lot of the credit goes to Maile Valentine who has taken over responsibilities for getting more samples deployed to Tour de Flex.  Our response time has gone from 8+ weeks (I suck) to less than 2 days (Maile rocks)!   SO IF YOU HAVE SAMPLES TO CONTRIBUTE, SEND THEM TO ME at gregsramblings (at) gmail (dot) com.  After a quick review, Maile will get them added.

Below is a map showing the servers:


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