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As members of the Adobe Evangelist team, we are often asked, “What is LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES)”? That’s not an easy question to answer! The challenge is that LiveCycle ES is not a typical product with a typical list of features.  It’s an extensible platform that offers a wide array of services, each with its own set of capabilities. In addition, LiveCycle ES provides the infrastructure to manage and deploy these services as well as the ability to combine them into a business process where they can be integrated with other technologies as well as with people.

After the success of Tour de Flex, we decided that a similar interface could be useful as a means of exploring the features of LiveCycle.  We combined forces with Avoka Technologies’ LiveCycle gurus and created a vast collection of content including samples, videos, whitepapers and more.

You can grab Tour de LiveCycle from (BACKUP LINK: It is built on Adobe AIR and will run on Windows, Mac and, Linux.  All of the content is hosted so the installer is only about 1.5MB.  We do plan to offer more content locally as part of the application in future versions so that it will be available offline and load faster.

If you are curious about LiveCycle ES, this is a great first step.  If you are an existing LiveCycle ES customer, you will find that Tour de LiveCycle is a valuable reference tool. And if you are a Flex developer who thinks that LiveCycle ES is only about data services, I’m betting that you’ll be surprised to find that LiveCycle ES is much, much more.  It goes well beyond <mx:RemoteObject>!

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