Tampa Meetup May 9, 2012

Thanks to everyone that attended! Below are links to just about everything we covered:

PhoneGap home page — http://phonegap.com
Christophe’s blog — http://coenraets.org    @ccoenraets — great tutorials on backbone.js, twitter boostrap, etc.
Holly’s blog — http://devgirl.org   @devgirlfl
My blog — http://gregsramblings.com  @gregsramblings

Christophe’s github repo — https://github.com/ccoenraets — source to the employee dir app and much more

Piotr Pwalczyszyn’s github repo — https://github.com/pwalczyszyn — has the backstack framework used in the app that Holly showed.   Piotr will be publishing the calendar control that you saw soon.

The Census app and the doodle apps that Christophe showed is by Andy Trice (blog / @andytrice / github).  You can find the apps with source code and tons of other good info on his blog at http://tricedesigns.com.  You will also find links to the apps in iTunes/Android market, etc.

Adobe’s new HTML landing page – changes often – has info on what Adobe is doing in HTML – you’ll be surprised — http://html.adobe.com — be sure to check out CSS regions/exclusions/shaders.  We’ll do a meetup on these soon.

Avoka’s home page — http://avoka.com — you can learn more about the field worder app that Jeff Kalicki showed.  These guys have some incredible software.

I forgot to mention a new project that our team has been working on — it’s a digital magazine for your tablet computer called “Appliness” (there is a banner at the top of my blog).  If you are a web developer, you will want to get this.  It’s a monthly magazine and it’s free.  Links, info, videos, etc. can be found at http://appliness.com.  It’s a magazine by developers for developers.  If you are interested in submitting an article, let me know.

The app we used for broadcasting our devices onto our Macbooks is http://www.reflectionapp.com/ — simply fantastic.  Get it fast before the author gets wise and triples the price!

Pic from last night —