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Upgrading my MacBook Pro to a SSD (solid state drive)

October 12, 2011 | By | 6 Comments

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have been available for a few years now, but I’ve been reluctant to move to one due to some early problems that friends of mine had.  When a SSD fails, there is no warning… no clicking drive sound, and no opportunity to save a few files.  When it crashes, it’s instant death. […]

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Molehill on your lunch break – take a 30 min tour

March 8, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Earlier this week, I set aside some time to check out some of the many amazing demos of Molehill, Adobe’s 3D APIs for Flash Player and AIR. Whether you love Flash or not, this is something that you need to check out. Here’s a “guided path” to make your next 30 minutes something fun: Install […]

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Imagine this new 3D Flash technology applied to enterprise

February 23, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Earlier today, the guys at Flare3D posted an amazing video on YouTube showing off their upcoming game that will take advantage of the soon to be released Flash 3D features (code name Molehill). Take a look at the video below (43 seconds long): I suggest viewing this full-screen. Did you notice that it’s also multiplayer? […]

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My dive into the world of Amazon EC2 and the new crazy cheap Micro instance

September 22, 2010 | By | 18 Comments

I heard about Amazon EC2 when it launched in 2006 but had never really checked it out until about four weeks ago when I was looking for at my options for hosting some demos that require more control over the machine than what a typical hosting company provides.  One of my fellow evangelists, James Ward, […]

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List of apps I'm running on my Android phone

May 2, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

I’ve been using an Android phone for several weeks now and often get asked what apps I am using. I decided to create a simple list that I can point people to. Apps I use on my Google Nexus One (running Android 2.1-update1) in no particular order:

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Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard

May 26, 2009 | By | 14 Comments

Ok, it’s technically not “planetary” since only one planet is involved… but… this is still pretty cool.   Check out the new ILOG real-time activity dashboard here (screenshot below).   What you are seeing is LIVE data from Tour de Flex.  Every time someone views a sample, a new dot appears.  Chances are if you go view […]

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Box of Sox – a cool new iPhone app by our friends

May 22, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

A few of the guys that helped us build Tour de Flex and several other projects have entered the world of iPhone applications and have just released a cool, addictive game called “Box of Sox”.  It’s fantastic for kids and adults. Check it out on iTunes here or at their home page They are […]

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iPhone Backup Battery by Richard Solo Review

September 4, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

With previous mobile phones, I always carried one or two extra batteries with me, especially when traveling. One of the huge disadvantages of the iPhone is that the battery is not user changeable. I’ll skip the rant about this, but all iPhone owners understand, especially us iPhone 3G owners! A few weeks ago, I order […]

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Why I switched to a Mac after 20 years of Windows PC

April 30, 2008 | By | 56 Comments

I’ve been a Microsoft Windows fan since 1987 and have used Windows 286, Windows 386, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. As you can see, I have a long, loyal history with Windows. I pride myself on my deep understanding of […]

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