Name: Greg Wilson, Director of Creative Cloud Evangelism, Adobe

I have three passions – Technology, Photography, and Aviation

  • Technology — My LinkedIn profile shows my history.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in all sorts of technologies.  Since 2004, I’ve been with Adobe speaking at events, blogging, building tools, helping developers and designers, and learning something new every single day.  I also manage a team of geniuses (each of whom are cleary smarter than me!) — The Adobe Creative Cloud Evangelism Team.
  • Photography and Aviation — My Aerial photography website – I figured out a way to combine two passions into something that covers the cost of both.  I have shot for more than 300 customers during the past 5 years.  More of my photography can be found on my SmugMug page.
  • Fun side project – http://wtfru.org – location sharing web app

On a more personal note – I live near Tampa, Florida, have two amazing daughters and am married to a wonderful wife that puts up with my crazy passions.